Therapy can bring you closer to the person you’d like to be. This means exploring and discovering your values and aligning your life more closely with those values. It means helping you to make genuine, meaningful, purposeful choices.

I have been practicing for ten years, helping people of all ages, and with a wide variety of struggles, find relief and grow to be the people they want to be. Using techniques that help you to understand and change problematic life patterns, I emphasize finding your strengths, your unique abilities, and allowing those to be the foundation of your growth.

Everyone experiences stress but sometimes stress can mount and become unmanageable. If you feel stuck in your work, relationships, or life, therapy can help. We can make stressful experiences more manageable by teaching you to call on your natural coping mechanisms and inner strength.

Specializing in trauma recovery and relationship-focused therapy, I use cutting edge, mindfulness-based tools that encourage healing and foster insight that is otherwise out of reach. When we use mindfulness to understand our experiences, we stop asking “why?” and start discovering elements of our inner lives that we were previously unaware of. We can jump start therapy by giving voice to these undiscovered parts of ourselves.

Also specializing in OCD treatment, I use the gold standard in OCD recovery, Cognitive Behavior Therapy focusing on Exposure and Response Prevention. With this approach, we can help you to identify obsessive thoughts, replace compulsions with healthy coping skills, and teach you to tolerate your distress so it stops taking over your life. Together, we can help you to confront your obsessive thoughts while reducing your urge to do compulsions giving you greater power over your OCD.

Life coaching is a results-driven approach for the busy young professional who needs greater work/life balance and has important goals to meet. Together, we hone in on the areas of your life that you want to improve upon and create an action plan that gets you where you want to be.

I encourage you to contact me if you think that we may be a good fit for pursuing your growth.